The Inorganic Chemistry Group

at Universidad de Costa Rica

We apply the chemistry of the elements to the fields of materials science, Earth and environmental sciences, biology and microbiology,
cultural heritage, catalysis and energy conversion.

Our group constitutes the Inorganic Chemistry Section
of the University of Costa Rica’s School of Chemistry

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Academic Staff

Our faculty members belong to the School of Chemistry, the Center for Research in Materials and Engineering Sciences (CICIMA), the Engineering Research Institute (INII), the Natural Products Research Center (CIPRONA) and the Center for Electrochemistry and Chemical Energy (CELEQ).

The University of Costa Rica

The 100 hectares main university campus is located in central Costa Rica, with spring-like year-round weather and next door to the country’s capital.

Meet our students

Our students are actively involved as teaching and research assistants either as undergraduates, in our Licenciate program or in our Graduate, Masters and Doctorate programs.

Universidad de Costa Rica

Founded in 1940 and home to 43000 students it is the largest public University in the country.

Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio Brenes, San José, San Pedro
+1 506 2511 4000

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