Outstanding Scientist of 2020 Prize Awarded to our colleague Mavis Montero

Our colleague, Dr. Mavis Montero, has just received on August 31st the “Outstanding Scientist of the Year 2020 Prize” awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) for her scientific, professional and teaching work

The Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications Paola Vega Castillo highlighted Mavis’ career as an example for Costa Rican women. Mavis received her award and a bouquet of flowers and made a short, insightful comment as she usually does.

Mavis commented in light of the pandemic that these are complex historical moments in which the courage and dedication of women is paramount. It is a time to trust the knowledge produced by work and scientific research. The more we do science and science and technology-based businesses, we can make better decisions as individuals and as a society.

You can watch the ceremony on this link to the MICITT Facebook site

Congratulations Mavis!

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