Jessica Morera

Phone: (+506) 2511-4121

Curriculum vitae pdf

Teaching Laboratories, Computer Science, Genetics and Statistics

Master in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing,
Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, 2014
Licenciate in Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Costa Rica 2012
Diplom in Microbiology Assistant, University of Costa Rica 2001

Currently working on Master of Science in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, University of Costa Rica

I am a biologist incorporated to the College of Biologists of Costa Rica, I like genetics, statistics and computers. I have worked in several projects collaborating with the statistical and informatics aspects of the work. I have been working for the university in education and analytical laboratories for more than 10 years.

My experience in laboratory work includes coordinating and executing highly specialized and highly difficult laboratory analyzes, sampling, preparing, preserving, classifying and cataloging various pharmaceutical samples, among others. Since I joined the Inorganic Group My skills now include synthetic inorganic chemical techniques.

Also, I like teaching so the University is the ideal place to work. I have also worked in Private Universities teaching General Biology classes, I am especially interested in gamification techniques.

Currently in the Inorganic group I offer academic and technical support and try to provide an efficient service to all users of our facilities. I especially focus on the students, whether undergraduate and postgraduate (master’s and doctorate).

Recent Publications

Quesada-Morua, María S. et al. 2020. Hypolipidaemic, Hypoglycaemic and Antioxidant Effects of a Tropical Highland Blackberry Beverage Consumption in Healthy Individuals on a High- fat, High-carbohydrate Diet Challenge. 1 Jan. 2020 : 1 – 16. doi: 10.3233/JBR-190516. 

Rojas L, Loría A, Tzu N, Morera J, Jimenez L. 2018. Factors that Affect the Academic Performance of Pharmacy Students at the University of Costa Rica. Revista American Journal of Educatinal Research, 6(6), 729-734. doi:10.12691/education-6-6-22. 

Morera J., Mora-Pineda G., Esquivel A., Hanson P & Pinto-Tomás A. (2018). Detection, ultrastructure and phylogeny of Sclerorhabditis neotropicalis (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) nematodes associated with the Azteca ant-Cecropia tree symbiosis. Revista Biología Tropical. 66(1): 368-380. ISSN: 0034-7744. 

Jiménez L., Montero E., Ramos V., Zeledón A., & Morera J. (2017). Children intoxication by household products study national poison control center-childre ́s hospital social security of Costa Rica 2007-2016. Journal of Disease and Global Health. 10(3), 82-88. ISSN: 2454-1842. 

Arguedas N. R., Mora E. G., Morera J., Berrocal G. C., & González L. F. (2016). Evaluation of the critical points in the validation of 500 mg levofloxacin tablets for dissolution profile. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 5 (8). 

Badilla, S., Pérez-Rocha, J., Hernández Salón, S., Wang-Weng, N. T., & Morera J. (2016). Evaluación de contaminantes microbianos en muestras de cannabis incautadas en Costa Rica. Revista española de drogodependencia, 41 (1), 7.

Brown S & Morera J. (2015). Neuromarketing: posicionamiento de productos con un método innovador. Revista Contacto del Instituto tecnológico de Costa Rica. (Número 2-2015.) 

Orozco A., Morera J, Jiménez S, Boza R (2013). A review of bioinformatics training applied to research in molecular medicine, agriculture and biodiversity in Costa Rica and Central America. Brief Bioinform, 14, 661–670. doi: 10.1093/bib/bbt033. pmid: 23723382. 

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