We are a group of scientists committed to the idea that the solution of modern problems is complex, and therefore requires an open and inquisitive mind. We seek to engage and collaborate with different people of a broad range of expertise.
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Ricardo Hidalgo

Bioinorganic chemistry, protein-film electrochemistry, electromicrobiology and bioelectrochemical systems

I do research in biological inorganic chemistry. I am interested in bioenergetics and electron transfer processes in microbes and enzymes.
I teach inorganic and bio-inorganic chemistry, and I am also engaged in scientific communication to the public.

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Eduardo Libby

Bioinorganic chemistry, Biomaterials and Electrochemistry

I became a bioinorganic chemist because I wanted to have a broad view of the sciences. I also became a teacher and a photographer to be able to show my view of the world.
I prefer to do research in fields that allow me to interact with scientists of different specialties so we can all learn from each other in the process.

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Mavis Montero

Inorganic Materials and Cultural Heritage

I do research in inorganic materials synthesis. I am interested in the self-assembling of inorganic nano-particles and the complexity of functional materials and hybrid nanoscale objects. Also, I am enthusiastic about the use of Basic Science for Cultural Heritage studies.

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Leslie Pineda

Main Group Organometallic Chemistry,
Optoelectronic Devices

We are interested in the synthesis of inorganic and organometallic compounds of Main Group Elements as hole-transport layers (HTM) and transparent conductive materials (TCM) with application in optoelectronic devices and dye-sensitized solar cells.Also we prepare transition metal complexes of Co and Cu as redox mediators in electrolytes for DSSCs.

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Leonardo Rojas

Inorganic Chemistry and Biomaterials

I have a special interest in inorganic materials for biological and environmental applications. My vision as an Inorganic Chemist starts from the material’s structure and properties up to its application.

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Agustín Solano

Geomicrobiology, Biogeochemistry, Critical Zone and Forest Dynamics of Tropical Environments

I’ve always been fascinated to understand the complex biotic-abiotic interactions underpinning Earth’s biosphere. As a geomicrobiologist I can embrace those questions using a multidisciplinary approach including geochemistry, environmental microbiology, and forest ecology. In the UCR I teach Geomicrobiology and Inorganic Geochemistry.

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Ernesto Ballestero

Inorganic, Organometallic and Materials Chemistry

I would like to learn more about the effects caused by ligands in complexes, by substituents at single atoms, and by counterions in ionic complexes. This is required to design molecules or solids with unique atom arrangements. They could be used as precursors for the synthesis of novel materials, which in turn can be used in catalytic, energy-production, optoelectronic and semiconductive applications.

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Grettel Valle

Retired Faculty. Coordination Chemistry and Environmental Remediation

Often around us as is fit for a distinguished academic.

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Jessica Morera

Staff. Teaching Laboratories, Computer Science and Statistics

I collaborate actively with researchers using my background in Genetics, Statistics and Computer Science. My laboratory experience includes pharmaceutical analysis and inorganic synthesis. Putting my background and experience into helping students motivates me deeply.

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Luis Castillo

Staff. Scientific and Artistic Glassblowing

I am the scientific glassblower of our university.
I work repairing, creating and designing glass apparatus used in synthesis and analysis. I am a chemistry student turned glass artist, currently working on implementing recycled borosilicate glass and chemical waste into an artistic production..

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Deysilia Alpízar

Staff. Teaching Laboratories

I joined the School of Chemistry after working for several years at the Food Technology Department (CITA-UCR). My new position allows me to offer my experience in chemical analysis and metrology in my daily interaction with top scientists and students and enjoy being of assistance to them

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