We are honored to present here our students in the Licenciate, Masters and Doctoral programs as well as those who do undergraduate research in our projects.
We thank them all.

Paola Agüero

Materials Science and Cultural Heritage Studies with M. Montero

My current research is based on the characterization of paper and inks belonging to historical documents as the Independence Act of Costa Rica, the Pact of Concord and “los Nublados” Act. The project also involves the establishment of a restoration protocol for these documents in the frame of the celebration of Costa Rica’s independence bicentenary. My favorite areas are materials characterization, spectroscopy and color science. I love the idea of bringing chemistry to spaces as history, art or culture. And I have a great interest in developing interdisciplinary projects. My goal is to change the relationship that people have with science, showing how interesting chemistry can be.

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Amanda Corrales

Organometallic Chemistry with L. Pineda

I am a graduate student registered in the master´s program of the School of Chemistry. I am currently working in the synthesis of organogermanium chalcogenides as molecular precursors in transparent electrodes. I became interested in organometallic synthesis because it allows us to study a different, non-conventional type of chemistry. Apart from organometallic synthesis, I am also interested in the field of Crystallography. I believe it to be such an elegant and fascinating area and would like to pursue a Ph.D in such field. At a more personal level, I also enjoy studying about literature and art.

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Camila Hernández

Heritage science and Archaeometry with M. Montero

Through my research I’m able to study, from a chemist’s point of view, archaeology and cultural heritage; topics that I’ve always found fascinating. I’m currently in a master’s degree program, where I’m analyzing the chemical and mineralogical composition of Costa Rica’s jade and greenstone archaeological artifacts.
I strongly believe that our understanding of cultural heritage can be significantly enhanced by interdisciplinary research projects.

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Esteban Salazar

Inorganic Materials Synthesis and Electrochemistry with E. Libby

I study the use of molecular cobalt compounds as catalysts for the electrolysis of water for my Masters Thesis. Ever since I took the inorganic chemistry courses, my dream has been to obtain a doctorate and continue as a researcher. My professors transmitted me the passion for inorganic ​​chemistry and every day I share even more the beauty of this vision of metals and materials.
I balance my life with cooking and trips to the wonderful Costa-Rican beaches.

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Mariana Elizondo

Inorganic materials in drug delivery with M. Montero

The chemistry behind drugs have always captivated me, especially its delivery. Combining the wonder and versatility of inorganic chemistry with the complexity of the administration of drugs within the human system is a challenge worth working on and discovering. I’m currently working my research taking advantage of the interesting and biocompatible properties of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles to study different delivery systems such as Pickering emulsions and colloidosomes.

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Joshua Morales

Organometallic Chemistry with L. Pineda

I am a student who does research in organometallic synthesis of Hole Transporting Materials. I want to create new materials to improve the environmental-friendly energy efficiency production. I want to pursue a PhD soon. I like fencing and hanging out with friends. 

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Diego Jiménez

Bioinspired Materials and Photocatalysis with M. Montero

I decided to study science because the process of discovery thrills me. Constantly trying to understand new phenomena, and trying to employ this information for the development of new technologies has something very childish about it. My master’s thesis consists in developing an inorganic self-assembled protocell, capable of converting solar energy into chemical energy. Expanding the field of Pickering emulsion designs and exploring for new ways to harness solar energy.
Aside from that, I really enjoy hiking and learning photography in my free time.

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Ana Daniela Grey

Materials Science with M. Montero

I am researching the interaction between living and non-living systems by building a hybrid cell encapsulating Pseudomonas putida in an inorganic colloidosome. This attempts to solve a problem in modern synthetic biology but from the point of view of materials science and bioinorganic chemistry. My motivation behind the project, apart from contributing to an area where knowledge in this area is limited, is to improve my profile as a researcher in terms of critical analysis, decision-making and problem solving. In the near future I would like to venture into the area of ​​public health and, in subsequent years, continue my graduate studies to provide solutions on this and other issues.
Apart from chemistry, I enjoy philosophy, cinema, literature and, from time to time, writing essays and short stories

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Rayman Angulo Gutiérrez

Bioinspired Materials and Microfluidics with M. Montero

I am a chemical engineer with a passion for science and technology. For my master’s thesis I study the assembly and characterization of inorganic colloidosomes (a type of protocells) produced by microfluidics, for their application as vehicles for the controlled release of drugs and for the study of the physical-chemical interaction between these protocell models. As a source of inspiration for my work, nature is very important and that is why I enjoy swimming in the sea and walking through the forest. After finishing my master’s degree, I plan to continue with a PhD. and then I would like to start a company and a research center in biomaterials.

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Paula Castro

Organometallic Chemistry with L. Pineda

I am an undergraduate student who is currently doing research in organometallic synthesis of organotin compounds and their application as Hole Transporting Materials.

My interest in Inorganic Chemistry has only increased through the years and I intend to pursue a PhD in the field, either in organometallic synthesis or in catalysis.

I love outdoor activities, hiking and bird watching are two of my main passions. I also aspire to visit as many waterfalls in Costa Rica as possible.

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Bruno Garita Salazar

Organometallic Chemistry with Leslie W. Pineda

My master research is based on the synthesis and characterization of single source precursors (SSPs) of Bi(III) and Sb(III) bearing lingads with bulky substituents that endow thermodynamically and kinetically features, using donor atoms of O and S for stabilization of the central atom with the aim of using them as transparent conductive materials (TCM). These molecular precursors have OCO or SCS donor-chelating binding fragments so we envisage that stoichiometric ratios of the metal in desired proportion in TCM applications can be attained. Moreover, this synthetic approach can provide stability, solubility, and materials that enable reproducible morphology for TCMs.
My passion for organometallic synthesis, where the best of organic and inorganic chemistry are intertwined, is given in response to the large number of synthetic and design possibilities that it offers, together with the multiple options in diverse and interdisciplinary fields of application.
My interest in science is balanced by my attraction to music, trumpet playing, geography, and history.

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Elizabeth Rodríguez

Biomaterials science with M. Montero

I’m currently working in analyzing the color, chemical and mineralogical composition of octocorals present in Coco Island National Park.

I believe that interdisciplinary research projects give us an opportunity to open our mind to apply our field of study and share our knowledge. Chemistry can be applied in so many areas and explain different phenomenons: I’m interested in getting inspiration for biomimetics in the biomaterials of organisms adapted to their oceanic environment and processes.

Another part of my life is that I enjoy outdoor activities,learning new things, and sharing time with my family and friends.

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